Online Questions


How many sections are there?

The course is made up of a course introduction and 7 easy sections. The course material consists of colorful charts, relevant videos and easy to read content to make your driving safety/defensive driving experience fun and simple.  You may even take the course using your smartphone, tablet or any computer with internet access.   You may complete this course in one sitting, what we call "Marathoning it", or you may choose to complete your course over a few days, weeks or even months - it's YOUR CHOICE.  You may log on and off as many times as you wish.  We'll keep up with your progress.  START NOW


How long will it take?

The State of Texas requires a driving safety/defensive driving course to be 6 hours in total length. But don't worry, we'll give you a break along the way.    START NOW


Is there a test?

You will be required to complete and pass a multiple-choice question quiz at the end of each course section.  Each section quiz should take less than 2 minutes to complete.  You may take the section quizzes as many times as needed.   Your course cumulative grade must be a minimum of 70% in order to pass this course.  There is No Final Exam!    START NOW


When will I get my certificate?

The official defensive driving certificate of completion (proof you passed for speeding ticket dismissal) will be mailed directly to you via 1st class mail.  START NOW


Can I get my certificate faster?

We can now offer a PDF of your certificate of completion.  You will be given your delivery options when you register.    START NOW


How do I register?